Albion Yard Gallery for Warley

This page has been prepared for the Warley 2013 Model Railway Exhibition. This is the UK’s premier exhibition, and if you only go to one show a year, this is the one to do. This will also be Albion Yards ‘retirement do’ after only six shows, and it’s a huge privilege to turn out the lights at such a prestigious show, and I’d like to thank Paul Jones and the Warley team for that honour.

Do take a look at these pictures, and double click them to get the full size. What you see here is what you get, the images have been chosen as viewpoints that the exhibition viewer can normally see. None of the images here involve any photoshop or extended foreground/sky or steam added, the only manipulation has been to black and white and the cropping. I’ve included a couple of ‘mist and fog’ images from after the photo session with Model Rail for their issue 186 http://model-rail-186/   Chris Nevard  http://nevardmedia/  took some wonderful pictures for that issue and I had a play with the left over dry ice, and you can see some of my efforts here.



























If you come to the show, do please come and say hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at these pictures. All the images are copyright, if you’d like to use any, please contact me through this blog.
Many thanks

10 Responses to Albion Yard Gallery for Warley

  1. Andy says:

    I really like the last shot, with the Teddy Bear peaking through the trees.


  2. David Reilly says:

    Wonderful building Chris – are they all hand built?

    • bawdsey says:

      Hi David, most of the buildings are kits. The houses are from Howard Scenics and are card overlays for an inner shell, so a bit like Superquick but a bit more work to them. They only do three kits, and they are available from Freestone Model Accessories Other buildings are a mix of kit built from Wills/Ratio ranges and the warehouses scratchbuilt from Wills Sheets. Theres also a Garage kit which is from the old Airfix 1950’s railway range.

  3. David Reilly says:

    As always your are a great help Chris. I still have an unmade Airfix garage – time to dust it off methinks.

  4. David Reilly says:

    And my grammar leaves a lot to be desired – you’re a great help….

  5. These images are superb, Paul. I really love the impression of spaciousness you’ve created across the yard in what is essentially a small footprint.
    Excellent stuff!

  6. Dave Murray says:

    I’m in the process of making up quite a few of the Howard Scenics terraced houses, the ones seen here are HSK44 and are a snip at £5.50 for a pair of houses. I just fix a piece of thick card as a back as my models cannot be seen from the back. They integrate well with the Bilteezi ones as well as my scratch built ones that are models of actual buildings in and around the country town a mile or so down the road from my cottage. Carriage is £3 and service from Freestone Model Acessories is very prompt. Jerry and his wife are both charming and it’s a real pleasure to buy from them.

  7. Steven Van den Heuvel says:

    I see i’m a few years late here but this is absolutely beautiful! You Britons nail the craft of model building so perfectly well. Grts from Belgium.

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