Projects/Review Page

As a blog is a ‘living thing’ if scribbled in often enough, there’s always the chance that a project or review that can be of use will drop down the pages out of view. On this page I’ll place hyperlinks to previous postings, not exclusively they’ll cover book reviews, kit reviews, and projects more lengthy than the 15 minuters, and anything else that comes to mind …

Book Reviews

Ian Futers Scottish Inspiration Vol1 & 2
Kalmbach’s Mike Danneman’s  Backscene Tutorial
Kalmbach’s Tony Koester’s Guide to Modelling Mountain Railroads

Kit/Product Reviews

Hornby J15
Bachmann 64xx
Hornby K1 2-6-0
Parkside Dundas NE Horsebox kit (PC83) Review
Parkside Dundas GWR ‘Mink’ (PC84) Review (to come)
LMS/BR 4mm Signal Review

Brassmasters/Bachmann 08 Connecting Rod conversion
Resin Signal Box Makeover
Waterslide Transfers/Decals techniques

4 Responses to Projects/Review Page

  1. Chris Folland says:

    Hi Paul
    I noticed with interest that on your YouTube video that you used what appears to be magnetised buffers. Do you have a blog entry or any other information about this, please ? Does it interfere in any way with the loco motors ?
    Thank you
    Regards Chris Folland

  2. Chris Folland says:

    Hi Paul, I saw it on your vid with the DJM 14xx and J94 running in the 3% incline

    • bawdsey says:

      Ah, nothing so sophisticated as magnets, just old fashioned gravity! I have looked at using rare earth magnets inside corridor connections for gangway passenger stock, that looks promising so far.

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