Exhibition Manager Information & Diary

Important Information
This layout is unusual in that the height of the trackbed from the floor is approximately 5ft. Exhibition managers must consider if this is likely to provide viewing issues for exhibition visitors. If so, you should not request this layout for your exhibition. The layout is also operated from the front as three link couplings are in use. There will need to be comfortable walking space in front for at least one operator, along the full length of the layout. Access will be required to the rear of the layout for set up/break down/maintenance, so at least one metre access space as a minimum will be required behind the layout.

Scale and Gauge
4mm Scale, OO gauge using Peco Code 75 track. The normal operation is with DC, however it also has the functionality to convert easily to DCC.

1950’s through to mid 1960’s. The layout is operated with stock to suit time period, and is based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Operating Requirements
Power Requirements / 3 x 240V power points for Layout/Lights (Minimum)

Base board foot print max 12ft x 3ft ( Please add 1 metre for operator corridor on frontage, and one metre behind for maintenance, and sufficient access space to walk around end to rear of layout)
Height to top of backscene 6ft 6in.
Set up break down time, approx 30-45 minutes

Operators/ Three (minimum)

Layout Transport / 1 x Estate car Ford Mondeo size (minimum) or small tranny.

Availability / The layout is not on the exhibition circuit due to the owners work committments and will only do two or three shows each year at a maximum. One day shows unless exceptional circumstances prevail will not be practical. The operating team are geographically widespread, the petrol/diesel expenses can be higher than a similar sized layout with a local operating team. Please feel free to ask if we will attend your show, after all, ‘dont ask, don’t get’, but please don’t be offended if the answer is we can’t attend.

Riders / One small table & two chairs, (organiser to supply). A floor to accommodate displaying the layout on. Carpet depth must be 5mm top layer, with a 7mm underlay underneath. We are happy to display on sprung floors however we cannot be held liable for any flexing outside of the architects original specification, due to pie consumption/lardy operators/lardy spectators, or any weight at all actually. We’re just not responsible, that’s us eh? me, me, me. If you’ve got carpet, the depth of your shag isn’t important to us. We’re easy. Final T&C, blue smarties and fresh elephant dung required in the dressing room …

Albion Yard

Larkrail 20th July 2013 Larkrail, Bath

Model Rail Live 21/22 September 2013

Manchester Model Railway Exhibition October 5/6th 2013

Warley National Model Railway Exhibition November 23/24th 2013

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