Reprise I

Over the past couple of weeks the question has been asked a couple of times as to what will be happening to the layout. In simple terms it will be finished. This weekend I had a request for images of the layout to use in a layout planning book, which was particularly nice as the layout hasn’t yet been seen in public. As part of the discussion of which images to use and why, it got me thinking again as regards the final look of the layout. Historically I’ve moved buildings around for photography which has worked most of the time. Now however I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst working for photography purposes, as a layout in its own right, for this trackplan and board size, the scenic module concept won’t work in achieveing the final quality and impact I want the layout to have. Originally the fiddle yard area board was to be blocked off, but I’ve now decided to include scenery along the whole frontage. The actual fiddle yard won’t change, but the area of the board in front of it will do, dramatically.

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