Rust & Dirt

I often get asked what mediums I use for my paint finishes, they are really pretty simple, easy to obtain supplies from good quality art and model shops. Firstly I tend not to skimp on the cost of paint/mediums or applicants, eg brushes. This is because in my experience quality products tend to make these tasks easier, because they make the techniques and materials work better. The models shown are by myself and the finishes achieved using the listed products below.

Where thinners are required I will always try to use the same brand, as I they are formulated to work together, so any problems usually lie within the operator error category. The reason why I mention the shade and order is that in a very interesting conversation a while ago, the topic of color blindness came up.

Humbrol Matt black No33
Acrylics Airbrush toning on the diesel body and steam locos. What I reffered to as my ‘basic palette’. In descending order of darkness shade, dark at top.
Matt Black Tamiya
Nato Black
German Grey
Flat Earth
And I always use the Tamiya thinner, but isopropyl alchohol works well as a thinner with those too, which a chemist can supply.

Rust patches on wagons in descending order of darkness shade, dark at top
Tamiya Acrylics
XF9 Hull Red
XF10 Flat Brown
XF68 Nato Brown (good basic rail color too, if you remember the painted streamline)
XF52 Flat earth

Mig Pigments again descending order of darkness shade, dark at top
Black Smoke PO23
Standard Rust PO25
Light Rust PO24
Vietnam Earth PO31
Industrial City Dirt PO39
Ashes White PO22

Artists pastels by Rowney and Winsor and Newton
Black/White/ and a WWII RAF Brown earth shade, and two or three others from a bright orange rust color to a reddy orange rust color.

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7 Responses to Rust & Dirt

  1. ttrakandrew says:

    Great layout and BLOG. Any chance of track plan of “Albion Yard”, or a couple of `helicopter’ photo’s to show the overall arrangement. I can’t afford the air fare form Australia to U.K. to see Albion Yard at and exhibition.
    Regards, ttrakandrew.

  2. Mike says:

    Also looking forward to seeing more. Mig Pigments are fantastic. 92116 – there’s something about steam…
    Very nice work

  3. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    Very handy tips must try

  4. It was those Modeller articles of yours that introduced me to the overall utility of Tamiya acrylics, setting me on the road to where I am in terms of applying effects. Along the way I have experimented with other media and essentially ended up with a similar list to your own. Additionally, I make a lot of use of Metalcote ‘Polished Steel’ and ‘Gunmetal’. For the more subtle effects I occasionally use Medea acrylics. These latter are very thin and won’t work everywhere but they have their uses.
    Anyway, thanks, Paul; I’m giving you the blame for a lot of it! 😉

  5. bawdsey says:

    Thank you Max, I still use the same basics, with added MIG powders now in the mix. God to see you back in the saddle again,

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