Branch Line Favourites

Tempting though it was to tear open the new Ratio GWR brick built signal box kit thats arrived for review, today I’ve spent an hour or so re-glasing a Hornby GWR Autocoach. Like some of the kits I’m disposing of the basic molding of this coach is very good. The tooling for the Shawplan laserglaze kit was tested on an Airfix body which indicates 1977 on the underside. So its been around the block a bit, but the basic model is still sound for most modellers needs, and in particular, mine.

Apart from the pain in the backside of getting the original windows out the Hornby paint job is really very good and whilst its a bit of a ‘mashup’ as the yoofs say between two diagrams, its a good starting point. Underneath this one there’ll be a Dart Castings detailing kit in due course, and some work on the interior. When its finished I’m confident that it’ll stand well enough on its own compared to the Hornby Southern Push Pull set, and both will be interesting to feature in a book thats underway with Paul Lunn.

If you fancy some of this glasing for your Autotrailer contact Shawplan, it makes a huge difference!

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