New Product, Ain’t it Fun

Ratio 552 GWR Brick Signal Box

Ratio 552 GWR Brick Signal Box

So so often the word ‘fun’ is trotted out these days, well this kit is certainly proving to be enjoyable to build. It goes together as well as the seperate components look on the sprue. In my modelling time I’ve seen more than enough kits that look good in the box, but when you try to fit them together you may as well try nailing custard to the ceiling. This kit certainly captures the look of a standard GWR style signal box. As I paint more of it it really is coming to life. This is it with the roof and windows loosely fitted so you can see its well worth considering!

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3 Responses to New Product, Ain’t it Fun

  1. Phil Ramsay says:

    Looks really good to me. I haven’t built a box for ages. However, if I get on and start 36E GC I’ll need to do the one by Thrumpton Crossing. Pity this isn’t a GC version!!!!!

  2. neilsidea says:

    I think Ratio produced one of these several years ago and is a good basis for a bit of extra detailing. Nice paintwork.

  3. bawdsey says:

    Thanks, the kit is a new kit by Ratio, released Warley 2012. The original kit by Ratio for a small GWR box based on Highley is still available, and they also do a Midland standard design box, which I have to make for a book project. The painted brickwork on this one is working well, once the mortar is dusted in it’ll look even better.

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