Six of the Best

Some more stunning footage from the recently rebuilt Mosquito flying from Hamilton Airport in Canada with the CWH Lancaster, Spitfires, Hurricane and B25 Mitchell. The Mosquito is one of my favourite aircraft and I can remember being allowed access to the BAe photo library at Hatfield a couple of times when I worked there. It was an absolute treasure trove of images, some of them were technically still ‘classified’ even though they were pictures of WWII equipment.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at Mount Hope (Hamilton) is well worth the visit, last time I was there I nearly came away with an F-86 deal, real ones!

She always gives me that look whenever I’m near this sort of museum, that ‘don’t you even think about it’ one! :0)

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2 Responses to Six of the Best

  1. Phil says:

    How good is that…….absolutely brilliant. Just love the Mossi.
    OT, do you still need me to be at the Newark MRL weekend with your layout?
    Cheers, Phil

  2. Top class footage, Paul.
    What can you say about Merlin-powered machinery that hasn’t been said before?
    Probably best as in this case to let the machinery speak for itself!

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