And relaaaax….

The Central Wales line 1962

The Central Wales line 1962

Its been a bit quiet on the blog front of late, and that’s because I’ve been working on a large writing and modelling project with my good friend Paul Lunn. It has re-fired the brain cells though with quite a bit of new modelling being done, including dragging Albion Yard out this weekend briefly to act as a photo set, ranging from the Central Wales Line, to the Isle of Wight and a nuclear facility. Next week Albion Yards auditioning for a part in the new Thunderbirds filum! (NB some information on the internet is untrue. Jus sayin!) Theres new projects on the horizon and I really have to make some sort of a plan as to what to do first, which is quite nice as I’m looking forward to all of them.

I was quite glad I hadn’t torn the layout apart, This past week, it saved me a lot of time! To be able to mock up this Central Wales line scene by just moving stuff about and adding a signal and signal box it brought it home just how versatile the little layout is, (double click the piccie for full size, who says you can’t get free stuff on the interweb?)

I shall now go and lie down in a corner to calm down, and then probably write something on:
A/ The internet (as in the facility, not about it)
B/ A toilet wall (see above)
C/ Both of the above ..


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