Riding Strange

This is one of the few times I’ve felt the desire to reblog something, this poem ‘Riding Strange’, a train ride, took me back to the first day I was involved in the toy train ‘industry’. This was me, on the train to Kings Cross and first ever job interview to work in MRM at the cross. I got the job, some say from then on it was downhill all the way … https://norvenmunky.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/paradise-city/



Riding the train to Osterley,

The cuffs of my shirt dig in,

Unsettled and weary of the

Unnatural position I was in.


This strange crisp shirt,

This odd little tie,

These awkward lapels,

These ankle biting shoes.


It was all very strange for me.

Was I wearing it right?

Did I look the part?

Or were my trousers too tight?


Around me were strangers,

Dressed for once, like me.

As if in solidarity

Of my very own journey.


I sat back and observed,

How that person was wearing his suit.

How that man was tying his shoes.

And I wondered If instead, I should have


Worn my black boots.

Tiring and terrifying,

This importance of appearance.

But this journey that I was on,


Oh, I loved that.

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1 Response to Riding Strange

  1. Tanllan says:

    Thanks for sharing . It brings back memories of working in London and going exploring at lunchtimes.

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