Railex 2015


This coming weekend sees Railex 2015, at Aylesbury Bucks. One of the best shows of the year and consistently high quality. Aberbeeg will be there, an opportunity to see a large S7 layout with scale length trains. Also DCC sound being operated using ‘Touchcab’ and iPhones.


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6 Responses to Railex 2015

  1. Dunks says:

    Those are nice photos, Paul.
    What I like most about them is that without knowledge of the models concerned, it is not possible to tell what is the scale; surely, that is the whole point of scale modelling?

  2. daveglan says:

    Beautiful modelling, Paul.


  3. A modeller at the very top of his game it would seem. That lower image with the 5600 is simply mind blowing. Some of the best ‘big picture’ modelling I’ve yet seen, Obviously a bit of qualty photography puts the icing on it.

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