MRJ 245


A shameless plug for my favourite magazine MRJ. This issue sees Geoff Forsters Llangunllo featured, regular readers may well have seen the links to Geoffs work on the blogroll on the right, if not follow either of these links

The warehouses of Pete Johnson’s Canada Street are also featured and his work is often featured on EM gauge 70’s another really good website of authentic and interesting modelling.

Gordon Gravett looks at building materials working on his latest 7mm project, and Barry Norman starts building a 7mm chassis with techniques that cross over into other scales. It’s rare that there’s a poor issue of MRJ, and this one is definitely a good one. If you get time have a look though the other blogs and web pages featured on the blogroll, they’re all there primarily for one reason, they’re good!

N.B. No internet experts were harmed whilst preparing this entry.


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5 Responses to MRJ 245

  1. neilsidea says:

    I can hear steam issuing from various orifices from here! Why is there so much anti-MRJ feeling around? I have every copy, including no.0, and am constantly impressed by the range of topics covered and the high standard of craftsmanship and artistic endeavour displayed. I know many of the modellers are of a professional standard, which I can never emulate, but reading what some people can do with bits of card and paper and how I could do it too is an inspiration, as is your blog.

  2. Paul B. says:

    Regarding anti-MRJ feeling Neil, my take on that is ‘I can’t build to that standard so I’ll put down those that can’. All very silly really.
    As for 245, a very good issue, but then Barry Norman is very good at finding ‘doing’ articles. I look forward to further instalments of his chassis build.

    • neilsidea says:

      Just received 245 and even more inspirational and showing techniques that surely any modeller can follow especially by Mr. Gravett. I just need the time. Llangunllo is the type of layout I want to build – loads of atmosphere and I think achievable. Trouble is I also get side tracked as I’m rather attracted to our local area of defunct French railways where steam tram trains ran up the middle of the road. Several small stations still exist that wouldn’t take too long to make – a 7mm plank perhaps?

  3. geoff52 says:

    Thanks for the plug my friend 🙂

  4. MRJ’s my dead tree of choice and has been for quite some time. In terms of hands-on modelling it’s unrivalled. The big players too often just appear to be a collection of corporate press releases.
    It’s also the one I never chuck out as it’s a genuine and consistent source of reference.

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