Throwback Thursday, its all over now …

Model Rail/Bachmann MR108 USA Dock Tank

Model Rail/Bachmann
MR108 USA Dock Tank

Well a couple of years ago I wrote that it’s all over now, Albion Yard doing its final show at Warley 2013, or that was the plan.

However one show which I’d been asked to do but never managed due to a variety of reasons was the Derby show, that is, until this year. Alex Hall the exhibition manager has managed to get us in this year which has worked with our roster availability, so this weekend we’re there!
Also very kindly Model Rail Magazine and Bachmann have loaned one of the engineering prototypes of the USA Dock Tank pictured above on ‘Shelfie’, so if you’ve ordered one and didn’t get to see them at Warley, there’s an opportunity this weekend. Do say hello if you’re there.


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