Tracing Tuesday

Wiring up continues with temporary switch locations for DC isolating sections. Once the sections are tested I’ll remove the switches and trace the wires into the main loom to the control panel. 

The layout will be DC/DCC with the change being facilitated by only swapping controllers, as I do with Albion Yard. The isolating sections in DC then become DCC power districts, so any short circuit finding can be helped by switching sections on or off. Point switching and polarity changes as mentioned in an earlier post are powered from a separate source, so once these sections are wired in there will be a small panel to make for the sections . This will be separate from the points and signals panel, but both panels will be separate from the layout chassis, to allow flexibility when operating as a peninsula section. 

These panels aren’t huge pieces of hardware, for ‘Shelfie’ the panel is an old 35mm slide box, and they’ll be similar here due to the simplicity of the layout. Another day or so and all board wiring will be complete, and I’ll be able to run a test session. That I’m looking forward to, as that’s when the project really comes to life!

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3 Responses to Tracing Tuesday

  1. Phil says:

    “35mm slide box” – will there be a translation of this for da kidz?

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