Wordless, or rather, Costless, Wednesday

An intriguing press release has come my way from Sarah Palmer at Mortons Media www.mortonsmedia, a well known UK publishing house.

The release introduces a new railway modelling magazine set for release at Warley in a few weeks time. No doubt there will be plenty of discussion regarding if there’s room for a new publication aimed at beginners and returnees as this is, and I think that’s a valid question. I’m not convinced myself but this publication does have two angles that may make it stand out enough to make headway into the market. Of the two different angles to this new publication I’m not sure which should have the higher precedent. However in the spirit of ladies first, I’ll take that route as this is the first monthly Railway Modelling Magazine that I’m aware of to have a female editor. There are of course other female journalists working on railway titles, Stefanie Brown at Rail Magazine being one such well respected writer, one of my daughters too had the opportunity to spend a few weeks with the Model Rail team a year or so ago. I think this is excellent potential inspiration for females that are in the hobby or have an interest, lets face it ‘our’ hobby, not unreasonably perhaps, is dominated by the male of the species, sometimes known as ‘Greyhairs’.

There are of course other females in the railway modelling hobby, Maggie Gravett possibly being the best known currently in the UK, but another fine modeller who’s work is easily accessed via the blog roll on the right is Julia’s modelopolis blog, showcasing some excellent 2mm finescale examples of modelling and engineering.

Secondly this publication is going to be free. Yup, that’s right, free. Distributed via model shops and other outlets it’ll be monthly too. That of course is a big challenge for both Mortons the publishers, as well as the news stand competitors. Mortons currently produce Rail Express, The Railway Magazine, and Heritage Railway as conventional news stand publications. I’m looking forward to seeing how this magazine fits into the marketplace and how it actually looks and reads, I’m sure the publishing side of the hobby will be too. So without further introduction from myself, here’s the ‘scoop’..

Modelling News Release


Railway modellers are set to gain fresh inspiration and ideas thanks to the launch of a brand new – and free – monthly publication.

Mortons Media Group, the publishing company behind some of the UK’s leading railway magazines, including Britain’s biggest, The Railway Magazine, will launch The Railway Magazine Modelling at this month’s Warley National Model Railway Exhibition.

Aimed at beginners, returners and more experienced modellers alike, the new title will be a monthly newsprint publication available free to readers and distributed nationwide through a network of model shops, museums and heritage railway lines.
Edited by experienced journalist Sarah Palmer, and with an editorial team of writers boasting years of experience of the hobby, Modelling will aim to inspire those new to, or returning to the hobby, while also providing fresh inspiration to more experienced modellers, using the 119-year history of The Railway Magazine to help provide unrivalled information and detail.

Sarah said: “We’re hoping to demystify the modelling hobby and provide help, ideas and inspiration to a new generation of modellers.”

Tim Hartley, publisher of the portfolio of railway titles at Mortons, said: “Modelling is an exciting project which we believe will not only enhance the knowledge of the many experienced modellers out there, but also talk directly to people who may be a bit less confident and keen to learn – whether they be new to the hobby, or returning after a gap and confused by how things have moved on in those intervening years.

“This free publication fits brilliantly with our existing range that includes the UK’s largest rail title The Railway Magazine. It will provide inspiration for those keen to develop their skills and knowledge, and by being available in modelling shops and outlets will allow readers to ask advice and build their love for this great hobby.”

Modelling will feature news and feature content on new models, nostalgia, how-to… and won’t be ashamed to answer questions which may seem simple to some, but will give a headache to those less experienced. Key to the publication is strong advertising content, as Modelling will be a one-stop shop for all modelling needs.

The Railway Magazine Modelling launches at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC on Saturday and Sunday, November 26-27, with subsequent issues available from stockists on the final Friday of every month. Supporting the newspaper is a new website and Facebook page.


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5 Responses to Wordless, or rather, Costless, Wednesday

  1. ian johnson says:

    Thank you for letting us know about this new magazine. It sounds an interesting project, especially being free. I might try and pick up a copy next time I’m in a model shop… Just hope my nearest outlet have a few in when I visit…which might be a problem if it becomes popular. If the content is good the magazine might end up like gold dust. On the retail side it could encourage modellers to visit their local model shop more often rather than making purchases online. I’ll be taking an interest.

  2. geoff52 says:

    Thanks for the heads up Paul,
    I would have thought there are far too many magazines chasing the same audience as it is, without another. But I like the idea of a female editor, hopefully she will shake things up, and give the old school something to think about 🙂

  3. This is going to rattle the playpen! I reckon two of the factors in it’s success or otherwise will be design and production…how will it look, like a dog’s dinner as several of the competitors do, or will it be well thought out? And the print…will this be on good stock, or like a free newspaper- in the latter case I would give it a month 🙂 But aside from those reservations, It’s exciting, and I am very pleased at the thought of a female editor, bringing the hobby again into the “acceptable” social bracket. I hope it does well and gives the existing titles the kick up the pants they so richly deserve!

  4. Vaughan45 says:

    But will it be available for free electrically like Model Railroad Hobbyist is the USA or is it old school paper only?

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