Warley 2016 Grab Shots #2 (The Canadians are Coming)

On Model Rail’s stand this weekend were several models of the LNER J70 locomotive. In partnership with Rapido, Model Rail is looking for expressions of interest from those interested in purchasing a ready to run model in 4mm OO gauge, before launching the project. The team has already done some serious thinking about specification including the possibility of DCC sound options, and how to fit it all in whilst retaining a reasonable haulage capacity. Rapido already has experience in the UK market and other examples of their work were on show including Locomotions Great Northern single,  see below.

Also on show from the Rapido and Partners stable were RevolutioN’s bogie TEA tanker in both OO and N gauge. Almost all of the N gauge run has sold out proving the value of making to orders received, rather than leaving stock unsold.

From the Canadian market the HO Budd railcars are close to being on the retailers shelves.  
  Surprisingly the US and Canadian market were asking why do the Budd, it’s been done? Well the quality of this model and the orders validate Rapido’s decision to go ahead with the model. 

Both examples showed Rapido’s attention to detail, and variations for correct authenticity. I wonder with a further DMU project tie up with DC kits at Leeds and the proposed Model Rail J70, if Rapido’s proven quality and delivery of their and customers models, mean they are becoming the UK’s limited edition producer of choice? Here’s wishing continued success for them on both sides of the pond!

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3 Responses to Warley 2016 Grab Shots #2 (The Canadians are Coming)

  1. otcm says:

    I got my first Rapido diesel early this year, a HO New Haven FL-9. Its stunning and although the cost is high it always feels worth the value. I particularly like Rapido’s style and ability to engage with its customers in a very down to earth manner, but the amount of work they get shows this is backed by a highly profesional organisation and the dedicated of Jason Shron and his team.

    Have you seen the bus model they have announced? It is very nice and I have my toes and fingers crossed that the Rapido guy’s love of British Buses will one day see a super detailed Leyland National. Anyway trains, I think that Sterling Single is going to be seriously lovely. Thats my daily mention of a Leyland National sorted.

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