A Rapido Four Years..

Four years ago, this afternoon I was in the descent from a heavy snow shower from the Cat and Fiddle pass. I was on the way to see the Rapido rapidotrains UK launch, the-canadians-are-coming/  At that launch I asked why now?,  why the UK?

The answers were the straightforward responses that those whom had followed their progress in the Canadian and US market, would have expected. The UK because Jason Shron spent time at University in Birmingham and really likes English stuff, and secondly commercial circumstances allowed them to make an entry into the UK market, which four years back was just getting into its stride as far as multiple third party commissions go.  It also made sense to use their reputation for very high quality products in a new growing market than remaining in their core Canadian and US established market.

Four years on then, this coming weekend at Warley the Rapido influence will be in evidence on the stands of Model Rail, RevolutioN, Locomotion, Rails of Sheffield and Real Track. Four years, five separate commissioners over a variety of products. 

Quite a feat for a small Canadian based company, manufacturing product in China, supplying the British market, eh?

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