Rapido Warley 2017 (new product announcement)

Warley 2017 is upon us, and whilst delivering some commissioned stock I dropped past the Rapido stand. On the stand were three of the items I’m currently looking forward to, Model Rail magazines J70 tram locomotive and these two above the SW1200’s and the 3800 Cubic Ft cylindrical hopper. Both looked up to the standard we’ve come to expect from Rapido and are imminent in terms of release, hoppers by the end of the year, and the 1200’s early 2018. 

As a surprise for the UK market there is also a U.K. rolling stock item, very well chosen and will be available in grey and brown, with the possibility of earlier liveries too.

It’s going to be announced later today, so I suppose this is an announcement about an announcement, (start the foamathon now), but there are also hard copy 3D prints which will be available to see too. No prices yet though.

They look excellent and the underframe detail is ‘Rapido’ though and through, the UK market is in for a pleasant surprise.

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