Heljan’s O Gauge Class 50

Heljan O Gauge Class 50 4020 4021 4023 4024 4025

Heljan have kindly sent across images of the engineering prototype for their O gauge British Rail Class 50. As usual at this stage, it’s an early prototype and subject to change. Some details have already been identified for improvement.

Heljan O Gauge Class 50
4020 4021 4023
4024 4025

Release dates are to be confirmed with a price of £699.00, six versions will be produced for general sale through Heljan stockists, plus two limited edition exclusives for Hatton’s Model Railways (Departmental blue 50008 and Dutch 50015). Research and development has been assisted through all stages by The Fifty Fund. Engineering samples will be available to be viewed at the Severn Valley Railway’s Class 50 Golden Jubilee Gala on October 4-6, see Class 50 Golden Jubilee  for more information on this event.

Heljan O Gauge Class 50

Proposed models are:
4020 Un-numbered Rail Blue
4021 Un-numbered large logo
4023 Un-numbered Original Network South East
4024 Un-numbered Revised Network South East
4025 Railfreight 50149

Heljan O gauge class 50
4020 4021 4023
4024 4025

Heljan O gauge class 50
4020 4021 4023
4024 4025

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