More thoughts from Warley 2018

Well, back from Warley, and back from this mornings equine lawnmower entrapment scheme, here’s a few more images from the 2018 Warley show.

Oxfords OO N7 decorated samples, the announcement was covered earlier here Toy Fair . The appearance looks very well captured and the test models have worked hard hauling large trains without problems including incline work.

BR Mk3 coaches were also shown, these being early livery samples of the ScotRail and Stobart schemes. Not being my thing the blue waist band stands out as too lurid, but as noted, they are samples.

Over on Heljan’s stand the first 3D print of the GWR railcar nose was displayed as well as the review examples for the 43xx GWR moguls.

Returning to Peco’s stand two very interesting items for me for future projects, firstly the GWR ARP signal box to be released by Ratio, and the first new 4mm release by Peco Parkside the steel 13t BR hopper wagon.

The EM Gauge society stand also had the EP of the Peco produced B6 left and right hand ready to use points.

I understand these will be supplied as electro frog only, rather than the Unifrog design that is becoming the default standard for Peco’s new, and revised point and crossing work. It’ll be interesting to see if these attract new converts into the gauge, sensibly they are exclusive to the society, and will give a clear head start to track building. A good friend noted today that this is only a part of the battle, arguably the more challenging bit is the chassis building and conversion of some RTR chassis.

Kernow’s OO PRA China clay wagons looked good in decorated samples. I expect these attractive and useful short wagons will be popular within the D&E fraternity.

Next door to Kernow on the DJ Models stand the 3D EP print of the crowd funded GWR King was in evidence.

Tottering back across the hall to Dapol EP of one of the O Gauge BR Mk1’s was on show looking to me very promising.

The whole appearance of the coach captures how a Mk1 should look, the sit on the bogies and end/side body profile being more effective than Heljan’s previous releases, and Daersted’s far more basic appearance.

The Dapol 4mm GWR bracket signal was shown, the actuation for the outer arm being a lever action fixed to the outside of the bracket structure.

There’s sound logic to using that method, for simplicity and ease of production assembly, however for me it puts an X in the no thanks box. I feel they’ll do well in the general market, currently they have no real competition and if they prove reliable we’ll see them on everything from GWR BLT’s to Kings Cross!

As with Heljan covering the GWR Railcar (further post to come) Dapol’s 4mm early EP test for their parcels variant was in the showcase. Hopefully the motor which is visible in their passenger model will be more effectively hidden with this one. Certainly an encouraging start though.

I didn’t get much opportunity to see around the show being busy assisting the Modelu team, However there were some good deals to be had which included Dapol O gauge Panniers and their class 121 BR railcars.

The pannier is a potential first step into O gauge. Leaving it a bit late on the Sunday meant I got the last one, seen above, rather than a BR livery example so there’s a repaint ‘opportunity’ for me at the very least.

The 121 will sit in the stock of Shelfie3, a DMU based layout in the planning. Seen here on test on Shelfie2, it runs very well straight outa da box. Don’t fret, there’s no box opening vid coming at you.. Internal lighting does rather highlight the seats, which look like they’re floating in custard, that’ll be one of the first changes I make!

Overall an interesting show, neither Hornby, Oxford Rail or Bachmann had new product announcements, but will be making them in the new year. Accurascale made headlines as they uncovered their Deltic in 4mm scale, and RevolutioN dropped a cheeky little N gauge 56xx and their 4mm scale MMA/JNA contemporary box wagons into the market. Across the trade there seemed to be a pretty optimistic feeling to this show, it seemed busier than the previous two years have been.

I get the distinct feeling the hobby has a future!

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  1. 26power says:

    Thanks for posting the update pictures, particularly of the Peco pointwork and the Parkside hopper.

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