Definitely Define

Well I’m definitely getting there, not just with the layout but to Define 2019 this weekend. Define will be a first showing for the layout, it’s a one day event, sort of a social/open house thing by the Define group. I had hoped to have the backscene and fascia’s completed, but the material is still in Germany after a Spinal Tap and measurements type re-occurrence! So this weekend I’ll rig us something that’ll give very much the feel of the finished design, but Blue Peter styley it’ll involve an adult, sellotape, sticky back plastic and a metal coat hanger.

The largest loco in use will be this Class 25 with a re worked chassis, fitted with Dinghams too, it’ll get a good test under show conditions. The layout is old school DC, points are all electrical fired by Tortoise motors, and the Dinghams by Gaugemaster electromagnets. The stock requirements are pretty low on this one, hoppers, and a few brake vans, all getting final checks today. I’ll likely bring a handful of 16t’ers and another 08 in the event of coupling failures.

The woodland areas are nearly complete too, but you’ll be able to see the make up of them and how they’ll build to make a dense backdrop giving the impression of a small drift mine disposal point, on the edge of woodland. There’s the possibility this layout will drop into my Forest of Dean, Severn & Dean project in the future, hence the woodland. For now however, its rural Northumberland at Guyzance, in the shadow of the northern Cheviots.

It’s worth the effort, do come along!

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4 Responses to Definitely Define

  1. otcm says:

    Enjoy and hope all goes well Paul, I can’t make it up to Risley again this year, but will hopefully catch up a bit later in the year!

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