NMRA Motivation Monday

Bob Phelps receives the NMRA’s distinguished service award Saturday 13th July 2019 from NMRA President Pete Magoun, at the NMRA National Train Show in Utah.

So why’s this of interest? Bob, principal product design engineer worked for Peco for 54, yep fifty four years.. 1963 -2016! Many of us, will have at some stage in our modelling life, used a component that Bob has had involvement in, particularly in the UK. Not only is Bob a talented engineer, as anyone whom has met him will know he’s a brilliant modeller too, and a genuinely nice guy. On a visit to Peco delivering ‘Collier Street’, Bob showed me a plasticard scratch built body for a US steam locomotive. The quality was outstanding, the equal of anything else I’ve seen in the same medium.

If I take a look at the bigger picture, and where Peco products are sold it’s not an exaggeration to note that Bob has literally had a world wide influence on the hobby.

World wide, fifty years…..

That for both Bob and his colleagues within Peco, is an extraordinary achievement, and sets a hard act to follow.

Having said that, in the past couple of years Peco are obviously continuing with a similar, effective progress, code 75 Bullhead in OO, the recent announcement of US code 70 track work, in addition to their well established Code 83 products.

It’s really pleasing to see Bob, and others, including companies getting recognition in this manner, long may it continue.

Images and award details with thanks to

Harry K. Wong

Model Railroad News

Model Railroad News



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1 Response to NMRA Motivation Monday

  1. Margaret Thomas says:

    Heartwarming to see Bob Phelps being feted in the US. Well deserved.
    Chris Thomas

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