Twenty Twenty, Motivation Monday, first one in.

It’s been a bit quiet of late on the blog, due to external influences both to do with the hobby and ‘life’, including a bit of man cave reconstruction! This year I’ve a couple of layout projects I want to do, Shelfie2 is very nearly complete, the cancellation of Scalefourum last year was possibly a blessing in disguise as it’s allowed a complete rethink and assembly of the lighting and backscene. Shelfie1 has been out on loan again to provide some lighting thoughts for a friend on his layout project which has some unique challenges.

The trees above will form the last bits of the woodland scenery for Shelfie2, and are the first examples of wire armature construction that I’ve used. So far I’m very pleased with them, they look like giving far greater flexibility that the plastic tree armatures I’ve previously used.

DMU’s have been featuring quite heavily in my behind the scenes messing about, I’ve always had the ‘Minories’ itch that needs scratching, and nicking a bit of another C.J. Freezer plan, might just get that done. 1967-1980 roughly fits the era I want to cover, Peco Bullhead Code75, and DCC sound operation, and an Urban Terminus, stepping away from trees for a while!

009 is also on the cards, a long felt desire to do a Snailbeach Railway layout is being given a ‘coat of looking at’ with a left field idea to make light railway looking track, that will still allow the use of ready to run stock. That too will be a ‘Shelfie’ series production with potentially a very different, and as far as I know, unique, (so far), display.

More on those projects in due course, in the meantime, happy new year, and thanks for staying the course!

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