Shelfie1, Thanks For Your Service.

My last train out of Shelfie1 this morning. The layout has gone to a new home to primarily be a home layout and photo set. It’s been a nice layout to build and operate, for such a small layout it was very engaging and that came as a bit of a surprise, I genuinely didn’t think it would, it having started initially as a test track. It also seemed to capture people’s interest quite a lot, partly due to its simplicity, and compact size. (And a note of thanks here to those readers whom expressed an interest in acquiring it).

It appeared in Right Track 19 as the build example, three of the magazines, and did a few shows where it was well received. It taught me a lot, particularly in what ‘works’ in a small space.

The biggest lesson was what ‘toy trains’ can do to help people. A couple of years back I lent it to a friend who was terminally ill, no conditions. Whilst he was still with us he mentioned how much pleasure it had given him in some dark times, just being able to lay in bed and look at it illuminated in the small hours, or those days when he couldn’t physically get out of bed. His wife also mentioned how much just having a manageable layout meant in the difficult months to him too.

That’s my memory of Shelfie1.

It did some good.

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2 Responses to Shelfie1, Thanks For Your Service.

  1. Your layout is a light in the small layout community. I’m glad it found another home. Glad to that it gave your friend such pleasure during his time. That’s thoughtfulness in action. Thanks for sharing.

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