Motivation Monday, The 02

Nope, not the arena. This one..

Craftsman 02 kit

This is one of those escapees from the shelf of doom. It’s been kicking around for quite a while, and last week I decided it’s about time it got finished.

It’d stalled at quite an advanced state of build, but in the way these things go, that was irrelevant.

Craftsman 02 chassis

What was relevant was the stall was just that, no particular reason why that I can recall. Back in the 80’s (ffs!), these were sold as introductory kits to etched kit building. For good reason too, simple and accurate they can be made into a nice little model, so getting back into it was easy.

It’s a long long time since I’ve built an etched kit, but this has done exactly what we used to sell it to do. To be completed and to provide motivation for more complex builds. So whilst I await the final decals to complete this one, the maturing drawer has been rummaged through, and a couple of likely suspects identified.

Job done!

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2 Responses to Motivation Monday, The 02

  1. ………..and you know of course that finishing an etched kit is a cue to a manufacturer to announce a nice RTR version!!

    Well done all the same! Something simple next, a nice 9F perhaps or perhaps take a stab at a Jidenco kit?

    • bawdsey says:

      I’d better flog this one on sharpish then 🙂 I think stabbing a Jidenco kit an excellent idea. It’d likely be far more satisfying than trying to nail it together

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