Motivation Monday Ground Frame 1

Severn Models Signal Box Details

It’s a Monday and having had quite a good run of finishing man cave shelf queen projects, my attention is turning to those small completion jobs for Shelfie2. As it’s a simple one ‘engine in steam’ yard it has a ground frame and simple point levers. The etch above is a good reason to have a box for etch offcuts and unused bits from kits. Last year I used the majority of the components for detailing the Peco Highland Railway signal box.

The balance of the etch as you can see from the header, went into the spares stores.

I’ve mentioned the blogroll attached here quite often, because the modelling and writings on them are genuinely worth following, and learning from. A cracking example of the useful information within them is Geoff Forsters Lugg Valley , and it’s this post which is providing just the sort of motivation a Monday needs. Take a look!

Severn Models

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