Motivation Monday Southern Alberta Rail

As many friends and quite a few readers know I have a thing going on ref North American and Canadian short lines.

I’ve primarily worked in HO (see above), but not long ago Chris Mears of Prince Street turned my attention towards Grant Eastman’s N gauge Southern Alberta Rail page on Facebook and his associated Youtube videos. Whilst this layout represents main line Canadian operations, the use of space, scale and the physical presentation, for me provides real encouragement in what can be achieved.

It’s fair to say the UK modelling community can be quite parochial regarding their choice of subject matter, and hence overlook or disregard layouts like this. The fact it’s a ‘foreign’ prototype for me doesn’t matter, there’s so much to learn and be inspired by, not least of which is Grant’s use of time, arguably the most transient and valuable commodity of the hobby!

It’s remarkable that the depth of the layout is as thin as ten inches in some parts, but the choice of scale, the colouring and lighting helps make the best use of the space and volume available.

Take a half hour out and watch the following video.

Southern Alberta Rail

Then try not thinking, ‘N Gauge’ hmmm…

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8 Responses to Motivation Monday Southern Alberta Rail

  1. James H says:

    You know what I’m wandering down a CN diversion in H0, post Covid we’ll have to compare notes!

  2. Chris Mears says:

    The SAR is one of the finest applications of N scale I can think of. Too often N is equated with not enough space but when more space is available the designs don’t expand to breathe. That new operating video on the SAR was really enjoyable. I’d love to see this layout in person someday.

    • bawdsey says:

      I think the whole concept and execution of that layout really captures the spirit and potential of N/2mm. As you say it’s rare that the scale is allowed to ‘breathe’.

      • Chris Mears says:

        Isn’t it exciting to think of other prototype examples that could breathe in this space. My mind wandered toward Scottish examples. I don’t own a lot of railway videos but did buy copies of those driver’s view videos filmed on the Far North Lines. With that expanse of space, it would be neat to imaging cl.37’s and coaches performing as coal trains are on the SAR.

      • bawdsey says:

        It most certainly would, for me going back a few years earlier and 24/25/26/27’s with the relatively short trains they had, as well as more freight variety would be fascinating. There would be similar opportunities for Welsh locations too, ranging from the southern urbanised colliery valleys, through to Mid Wales and the coast lines around southern Snowdonia. That gives me an idea….

      • Chris Mears says:

        You raise an interesting contrast. For practical reasons we don’t often much of the public built environment. Those that do model “the town” do so in a focussed architectural era. It would be cool to model the contrast in a area being modernized. Old buildings being upgraded with those terrible modern facades, new concrete and glass buildings, fewer people and more cars. I love it.

      • bawdsey says:

        That’s the sort of thing I want to capture with S3, something Kier Hardy and his group capture so well. If you’re not familiar it’s here
        Set aside a month or two!

      • Chris Mears says:

        When I read your suggestion I didn’t easily connect on the name but thought “I hope we’re talking about Canada Street” and we are. From OTCM these are two superb scenes from Canada Street:

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