Throwback Thursday, ‘The Crossings’ v1.0

For a couple of years now we’ve been waiting for the arrival of Peco’s OO Bullhead rail crossings and slips. Well the long crossing SL-U1194, and the single slip SL-U1180 are now in the shops.

Peco SL-U1180 Single Slip Peco SL-U1194 Long Crossing

A few days back one each of the single slip and long crossings arrived at the man-cave, see above image, (the double slips are not yet available but will follow on imminently). You might immediately wonder why the image shows them covered in masking tape? There’s a straightforward answer to that, they are part of a simple test bed.

Peco Test Track

This test bed is a simple check for running properties of varying locomotives and rolling stock, it comprises one each of the left SL-U1189 and right hand SL-U1188 large radius points and the recently released long crossing SL-U1194 and single slip SL-U1180.

The test involves stock and motive power running through all routes and then being turned through 180 degrees and repeated. A more in depth look at these items of track including the points will follow, perhaps with moving pictures!

Finetrax Point Kit

As far as track goes, this past month in the man cave has been very interesting, with the testing of some of the Finetrax track system and more work is coming in the next month.

Stay tuned!

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