Transformation Tuesday Heljan TT 31

Heljan TT Class 31
Heljan TT Class 31
Heljan TT Class 31
Heljan TT Class 31

Please don’t forget as you join your local interweb cake and arse party, that to participate you need to ignore the following;

UK mainstream 7mm RTR doesn’t exist, there’s no market for it.

UK mainstream 009 RTR doesn’t exist, there’s no market for it.

Please ignore there’s a big enough European market for Mainstream manufacturers to make TT 1:120 RTR locomotives and stock.

Please ignore there’s a bigger market in 1:120 scale outside of the Uk, and potentially in it, than there is in the defunct RTR 3mm TT scale.

Please ignore this is unlikely to affect the 3mm society or the cottage industry that supplies it. They’ve been going since the 1960’s without mainstream RTR support .

Please ignore customer’s like choice. Not everyone is nailed to one scale/gauge for their entire life.

Please ignore rational thought processes, especially the one about this demonstrating the overall health of the hobby. I don’t think there was a ‘Friends’ episode where Ross tried to explain to Joey why corporations make stuff, perhaps they missed out with that.

Finally please moan like **** about this taking manufacturing slots for all that 4mm stuff that’s late, that you weren’t going to buy anyway. Also don’t forget to mention that you have no interest in buying these products.

Suitably primed, please enter the interweb responsibly…

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7 Responses to Transformation Tuesday Heljan TT 31

  1. maxfees says:

    Brilliant post!

    Mind you this alters my possible TT project from being a version of The Art of Compromise to Minories

  2. Grasslands says:

    A most excellent rant. It obviously does have a market and I think this move makes perfect sense. Very exciting times.

  3. Scott Keane says:

    At this point, after how much they’ve been proven wrong, it’s incredible that the naysayer brigade/rmweb still feel they have a right to give their opinion on anything at all. But like you I was still primed to hear all of Andy York’s finest keyboard warriors infest the internet with their predictable bile about how TT scale is just doomed to fail.

    I’ve decided to start working on 3D CAD for wagons and locomotives in the scale out of sheer spite, and the perhaps somewhat perverse reaction that their disliking anything makes it instantly 1000 times more attractive!

    • bawdsey says:

      RMWeb’s not all bad, I did go off it for a while. It’s no different to most large forums whatever subject matter is involved, and similar in that respect to other media, FB for example. But the ‘auto fail’ mode types do amuse me, especially those with no interest in the scale, or whom trot out the old trope that it’s only viable in a small area of Eastern Europe. Time will tell, and one of the smaller indie’s has already had a chin scratching moment, looking at one of their products.

  4. maxfees says:

    As an aside I’ve just picked up the December 1959 Model Railway News. I quote from the letters page “Times were when a modeller despised the use of ready made bits and pieces. He preferred to make everything himself…Today allis different…The spoon fed model railwaying is the antithesis of what wid 20 or 30 years ago ” The sky has been falling for a very long time.

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