Motivation Monday, Iain Rice, Influencer

Etched Loco Construction Iain Rice

This weekend the hobby lost one of its greatest influencers, Iain Rice. So why might that be a motivation? Well Iain was a prolific writer and modeller across the hobby, not only here in the UK but its fair to say world wide too, and a good part of that without the internet. As I sit here in the man cave a quick look around, and I can see the clear influence he’s had on me, (and will continue to have) as a modeller, and to a degree writer.


Just a glance at Shelfie2 above, or Albion Yard, Shelfie1, Shelfie3, Shelfie4 all have that unmistakeable influence running through their very core. I’ll return in the future to Iains writing and influences on me, and the hobby as it was I’d suggest the largest influence by one individual so far.

I don’t think that’s too big a claim to make, in a very media aware world the term influencer is often seen comparatively as a short lived, bright burning light, and perhaps of little significance. The header image above in a single shot tells part of my story and Iains influence on it. The locomotive is an etched kit by Impetus from the early 90’s. The book, written by Iain for Wild Swan, (another hobby legacy connection) gave me access to skills, written and illustrated in an engaging way, so much so that I wanted get stuck in. Motivation, pure and simple! I did get motivated, driven by wanting to achieve similar results, the locomotive is the first etched kit I ever completed, its got that light railway Rice connection too. Without the books, magazine articles and talking to him at various shows, my journey would have take a very different path.

This post isn’t about me though, it’s just a quick few thoughts on a really nice guy I had the pleasure to know a little, and was humbled when he told me he read the blog, and included a small piece on Albion Yard’s presentation in one of his books. I’d spoken to him early this year and knew he wasn’t well, but he’d agreed to have discussions about a writing article that unfortunately won’t happen. He leaves a massive gap in the hobby, but an even bigger positive legacy that has changed the hobby by far for the better.

I hope I can speak for many of you readers and followers of the blog when we recognise our loss in the hobby of course is nothing compared to that of his family and closest friends, and to offer our collective deepest sympathies and best wishes at this very difficult time.

And finally, for Iain, thank you.

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3 Responses to Motivation Monday, Iain Rice, Influencer

  1. maxfees says:

    His legacy will, I’m sure, last for years. I look at my bookcase and there are so many of his books that are not just there, but have been read cover to cover so many times. Only last week I was looking at his “Clun” plan.

  2. Stuart Mitchell says:

    Such a sad lost to the hobby, I have many of his books with help take my modeling skills to the next level.

    He will be missed but he will live on in his writings.


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