The layout, Albion Yard has come about primarily due to a house move and is about eight years old. Prior to moving I was working in EM gauge and had about 90% completed my EM layout Barnard Park. Due to the house move it was sold and has now joined the exhibition circuit with its current owners, renamed as Shirebeck-in-Emswell. Albion Yard is the result of wanting to get a layout up and running easily and to that extent is OO and uses Ready to Run motive power. It has also been flexible enough to act as a photo set, and has appeared in Peco Videos, Railway Modeller, Hornby Magazine, and Model Railway Journal.

Whilst the original intention was that this blog would be specific to the layout, I have widened the scope of the content adding one or two previously published articles and some new material.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find something of interest.

Boring bit.
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