New Directions

Albion Yard

Albion Yard is just one of the projects I have under way at the moment, surprisingly it’s been in progress for about eight years! This blog was initially to record the progress of the work I did for the layout, but as it’s quite well know through a fotopic site which deals with quite a few different topics, I’ve decided to make this blog a ‘modelling’ blog. On here you’ll be able to read about some of the projects that are ongoing, as well as updates on Albion Yard itself, the other layouts will have dedicated webpages in the blog format of ‘Bawdsey’, so that I can use them to showcase the layout to an exhibition manager for example.

Collier Street is already complete, and the blog is being written showing the start to finish of the layout which was built to demonstrate one of Paul Lunn’s set track plans. The layout often appears in Peco’s N gauge rolling stock adverts.

Collier Street N Gauge

There are a couple of other layout projects that I’m working on, two in 4mm OO, East Dursley, Ashworth WR and New Burn NER 4mm but gauge still to be decided. Today I’ve been finishing the station buildings for East Dursley. This is a small branch line terminus based on the real terminus at Dursley in Gloucestershire and a Barry Norman design in Wild Swan’s Designing a Layout ISBN 1 874103 39 9. These buildings are just about ready for painting, they’ll be undercoated with Halfords white acrylic and then finished with Midland Region red and cream with signage for the 1950-60’s era.

East Dursley MR Station Buildings

Ashworth WR will be based in the Forest of Dean,, and the design isn’t yet finalised. I spend a good deal of time ‘imagineering’ the finished layout, and the shots below show part of that sequence. The era again will fall into my core interest of the 1950’s to 60’s era, and will feature locomotives and stock specific to the era and location.

Visualising Ashworth WR

Visualising Ashworth WR

The buildings you see will not be the final buildings for the layout, they just help in the process of looking at space and volume in full 3D and how they relate to the track design.

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