Rural idyl

A lot of my modelling has recently been done associated with projects for magazines, books or for a couple of mates layouts. All this is ok but this week I’ve just built something for the fun of it. For a future undefined project I wanted to make a rural station building, and the ‘old box of stuff’ in the corner got ‘a coat of looking at’ as Mr Jackson puts it. In said box was a Ratio GWR four wheel coach.

That was my starting point, I’d also found an image that showed a grounded coach body in use as a station building, but with doors replaced by shed type doors and plenty of the windows blocked out. That gave the inspiration to do this particular model, together with raiding the spares box. The roof patch repairs are made from toilet roll which gives a good tarpaulin type of effect.

Now all I have to do is finalise the detailing and repaint it, the undercoat I normally use has reacted with some of the plastic, so it may be a rogue can. Its going in the bin and a fresh one bought once I’ve done the repairs ….

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2 Responses to Rural idyl

  1. Lazlo says:

    A very interesting conversion.

    Do you have any follow-up pictures for this posting?

    • bawdsey says:

      Hi Lazlo,
      I’ve got completed shots somewhere about, I’ll put them up on a future posting. I did three of them eventually!

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