Keeping Up Appearances

08402 shunts Albion Yard

In the previous post I mentioned the next big thing will be the backscene. Well the photo backscene has arrived and I’ve been trying it out today. The early results are quite promising, though an issue with it is the satin finish of the image, even with one coat of matt varnish in certain light there is still a pronounced shine to the image which I’ll have to get rid of.

The image when placed behind the layout changes the appearance dramatically which is partly what I wanted to achieve, it works better held away from the board edge rather than butted up to the layout frame, so some more thought will be needed on how to mount it effectively. The color isn’t too bright and some of the trees have a late summer early autumn color to them which I quite like. The location on the layout of this shot is the same as the Pannier below, so you can get an idea of what the potential finished application will look like.

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