Work in Progress

3737 arrives in Albion Yard

This 37xx is appropriate for the Forest of Dean area, based on a image from the Ben Ashworth collection. It’s a Bachmann model but has been modified with a South West Digital sound chip and speaker from a standard non-dcc version. I don’t often use DCC, though it’s been interesting as an exercise in getting a chip and speaker into a small locomotive and them remaining hidden. Albion Yard operates as a ‘one engine in steam’ branch, so whilst DCC certainly has its advantages on larger layouts with multiple locomotives, on Albion Yard the benefit is negligable, theres certainly no improvement on ‘control’ over my DC controller.

The buildings in the background are Howard Scenics products from Freestone Accessories. They take a while to make up but are well worth the effort. Theres a few more houseback kits to do in the next week or so. I’ve also been making the screw couplings for a good few items of stock both for Albion Yard and Bawdsey. I’ve now settled on couplings from Masokits, which make up easily and with seven pairs per etched sheet are very good value for money. The next ‘big’ item for the layout is the backscene, and I’m waiting for a printed one to arrive, not sure how it will turn out I’m still in two minds as to whether to hand paint one, that final choice will be made once I’ve got a lighting rig sorted too.

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