Pannier Progress

3737 returns to Albion Yard

I make no apologies for another image of 3737, it’s one of my favourite locomotives. It’s basically the Bachmann Branchlines OO model that I’ve re-numbered weathered and today spent an hour opening the rear cab doors and windows. It’s a very simple conversion, but makes such a difference and gives the model a bit more character. There are a few more modifications to come for this loco and it’s being used as a test piece for different products and techniques. A low cab 57xx version of the Pannier is also having similar work done, the amount of light that can now get into the cab interior makes a marked difference and means that the cab interior requires painting to make the best of its appearance.

Revised cab shutter doors and windows 37xx

Yesterday and today I was at Barrow Hill where I had the opportunity to see and privelidge of operating for a short while, Chris Nevards’ “Brewhouse Quay”.

I spent a good while looking at the lighting and backscene of Chris’s model and found plenty of food for thought on how to achieve an interesting, descrete, and seamless backscene for Albion Yard. If you get the opportunity to see Brewhouse Quay its well worth viewing for the presentation alone, regardless of wheter the subject matter is your thing or not. Two weeks left to go, no pressure then …

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