Modification Mungus

Albion Yard in the 80's

The layout is pretty much complete for the show, but any of those few that have actually visited and seen the layout over it’s life won’t be surprised to know that even today, I’m still moving buildings and changing viewpoints to get the final ‘fix’. I had a visitor last night and even today buildings have been changed to improve the visual look from the arrangement he viewed. I’ve also been a bit naughty with this image, the layout will be operated in its steam era for the whole weekend, this is just a trail shot with a Bachmann 08. The 08’s were tried in the Forest but for some reason, possibly their lack of speed, were not used regularly.

The list of modifications I’ve done over the past few weeks makes it almost a rebuild
New legs and support design
Backscene (it never had one)
Fascia (see Backscene)
Lighting Gantry (see Backscene)
Carry Case/structure (see Backscene)
Curtains to cover legs and supports (see Backscene)
Wiring Loom (Being a home layout it didn’t need to be tidy, exhibiting, it does)
Locomotives (modified to create Forest Of Dean specific engines)
Scenery (Trees, fencing, structures, new grass, teddy bear fur modified, + stuff I’ve forgot)

The big leap forward this week came from the backscene, and the invaluable help and thoughts of Chris Nevard , and John Heathcote from J.P. Grafix , which has brought a really interesting aspect of the layout to fruition, and theres more to come for Railex next year.

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2 Responses to Modification Mungus

  1. nevardmedia says:

    Mr, have you thought of using a nice Peco back scene? The one with the funny tree on the hill looks fabulous. You could also use the one with the village scene on too.

    • bawdsey says:

      I’ts fair to say I did ‘consider’ them. Then I bumped into a bloke wot could take really wide pictures, so I borrowed one. Jimmy’s not scene it yet though.

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