Railex Preparations Vol I

Albion Yard

Over the next couple of weeks or so I’ll be burning some midnight oil as Railex at Aylesbury approaches. The layout will be assembelled as its been stored for five months or so and tested. In the intervening period I’ve worked out a new way to do trees, and am seriously considering a revamp of the layouts trees which should make a very big difference to the layouts appearance. One problem with them is the storage and transporting once complete, I’m really glad that the layout isn’t ‘on the circuit’, I’d spend all my time repairing trees. As ever I’ve been looking at the buildings, and there may be a few changes in time for Railex, the layout never standing still in terms of its scenic development. I’m pretty happy with most of the stock and locomotives, and anticipate a further low cab 77XX being added to the roster in time for the show, in an unusual, but prototypical livery. The layout will be DC controlled for Railex, so no sound panniers I’m afraid this timeout.


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