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PC84 GWR 10 Ton Goods Van Mink A  Dia/V12, V14 & V16
At Aylesbury Railex exhibiton in late May, Parkside released their latest 4mm scale kit. This is for the GWR Diagram V12/V14/V16 10T goods van. The prototype era spanned from 1907 to approximately 1960, and with such longevity is a useful addition to a 4mm modellers armoury.

The kit is complete apart from couplings, transfers and paint. To finish the model I used Precision Paints and transfers from the Modelmasters and Cambridge Custom Transfers ranges. Wheelsets provided in the standard kit are Romfords with pinpoint bearings, however customers can request Alan Gibson replacements when a small surcharge applies.
The kit is moulded in grey plastic, the examples I received were clean of ‘flash’ and with no significant mould lines evident. Detail is crisp and well defined to contemporary standards. Also included are two coupling mounts, the first is a traditional mount for tension lock couplings and the second a pedestal, for fitting NEM pockets. In a trial fit both Bachmann and Hornby couplings fitted perfectly.

The body is of typical van construction, with the two sides and ends making a box on the floor of the vehicle. For this review I added car wheel balance weights of 20 grams before fitting the roof. Instructions are simple and clear, identifying specific components well, and outlining areas where differences occur, the van ends for example.The chassis is rigid, there is sufficient room for anyone who wants to make compensated or sprung variants, though this means working that process by yourself, the kit catering solely for a rigid chassis. Components supplied allow for the modeler to make a vacuum brake fitted chassis, or a standard unfitted variant which we chose. Fit of all components is accurate and the chassis aligns itself between the ends and floor with no clearance issues. The brass axle bearings were a little tight on my sample when fitting into the axleboxes, so no adhesive was required.This kit is suitable for modellers across the whole range of experience, from beginner to expert.

This is a simple and well thought out kit. Build sequence is logical and total construction time was in the order of two hours. The most visible difference being the van ends. Options included allow the builder to make one of three diagrams,and the instructions assist in identifying the detail variations including with or without tie bars.Basic livery details are included with Lot numbers identified for the three variations as originally built and brief outlines of other variations to be aware of. The kit is priced on a par with contemporary ready to run wagons, and offers good value for money, for a well detailed, accurate and easy to build model.

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