Toy Trains on Telly, Timeshift BBC4


If you missed it, or didn’t know it was on, the BBC Timeshift team have made a very good documentary on our hobby. You can view it here on the BBC’s iplayer

Albion Yard was one of the layouts they’d looked at to use in the programme and we had a filming slot set up too. Unfortunately the production schedule didn’t allow filming to take place, but it was nice to be asked. Having spoken to the production team and Richard Nichol, the researcher who had no prior knoledge of the subject, I thought they put together a very good programme, which shows the hobby off in a balanced and entertaining way. I also spied a some bits I’ve done for Mr Waterman in the background too, four of the coaches appeared in James May’s toy stories, and I’m wondering if they have an equity card!



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  1. Gary Roberts says:

    I thought, as an engineer, that model railways were the preserve of nerds and frustrated train spotters. Ian Rice explained that it was the good feeling you get from makeing something. Now I understand, thanks to him and his books I can enjoy engineering at home too. Thanks Ian.

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