Buckets of Nothing …


Buckets, what about them? Well they are surprisingly common and noticeable when you see them. For the steam era modeller they are often seen on a locomotive tender or hanging from a lamp iron. Sand buckets for fire fighting are seen around railway buildings, this useage carries on into the diesel era too.


There are a number of bucket models available particularly solid plastic or whitemetal, and in an early MRJ there was a how to on scratchbuilding them as well in 4mm scale. I wanted empty buckets as seen hanging off GWR Pannier lamp brackets in photos by the likes of Ben Ashworth. Some readers will know I sort of scattergun across modelling genres, and I found these etched gems the other day from Brengun, a Czech company who make some brilliant stuff for military modellers.


Having treated myself to a few sets, I set about putting a couple together and I’ll cover that in a day or so with some sequence snaps. Theres two types, parallel sided and truncated cone shapes. Having formed them I then soldered them for extra strength and because I needed the soldering practise, being a bit rusty. They do make a nice touch though adding that little bit of something even though its a bit of ‘ordinaryness’ that you’d not pay any attention to on a daily basis. Sometimes that is very difficult to achieve, try making nothing much at all, its really satisfying making ‘nothing’ and capturing peoples attention …


Not Everyone
Works For Peanuts …

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  1. neilsidea says:

    Lots of goodies there-thanks for the link.

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