Exhibition Diary 2013

'Tin un's'  in the Forest

‘Tin un’s’ in the Forest

This year is going to be a short season starting next weekend 20th July for Albion Yard at Larkrail 2013

The exhibition page will be updated in the next week or so with the remaining three shows the layout will do. The line up for Larkrail looks very interesting with plenty of demos and an Expo feel to it, this year will be a smaller show than Camrail which I understand it replaces this year.

As this is going to be Albion Yards last season I’m thinking what I can make or finish in the next week to bring along. Two candidates stand out, Oil Burner 3711 or the 42xx. It will give a spur to finish a few wagons too, the new Parkside Mica X7 is all but complete on the bench, a couple of Z2 gunpowder vans and two Hornby horseboxes that just need couplings and pipes.

Decisions decisions …

Not Everyone
Works For Peanuts …

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