Not another MPD, & Parkside’s Mica X7…


It’s easy to think that sometimes, and I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of this type of layout as often they are a bit ‘samey’ and it takes a real artistic touch and observational flair in particular to make an MPD layout stand out for me.

Today I was fortunate enough to have a look at one that some friends are selling on behalf of an estate, and take a few snaps with some of Albion Yards motive power on it. It’s a really nice layout, well observed and with scratch built buildings. With a little TLC it could be a show stopper. More details a bit later but the above image gives a bit of the flavour of it.

Parkside PC85 GWR Mica X7

Parkside PC85
GWR Mica X7

This is the ‘first draft’ build of the new Parkside X7 Mica in 4mm scale. Up to their current excellent standard, and just the couplings and final handrails to fit at the left hand end. The tie bar is perfectly straight out of the pack, but unfortunately has stretched and bent due operator error in handling. I do tend to replace them with brass wire anyway for extra rigidity, for this one I’ll simply make one cut and re-glue it which will resolve the stretch for the time being.

Not Everyone
Works For Peanuts …

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