Manchester, Wonderwall, Eeee, Cup of tea anyone? ….


This weekend its the Manchester show, and Albion Yards penultimate showing. Its been a couple of weeks since Model Rail Live at Newark where Albion Yards own ‘wonderwall’ the seamless backscene, was one of the features of the layout that generated a lot of interest. More on the backscene in a future posting. I’ll be packing my northerner/cockney handy phrase book too, so I can translate such phrases as ‘Eeee lad, that’s grand, that is’ etc.

Manchester has a well deserved reputation as one of the really good shows on the circuit, and Easington Lane, http://www.easington  an EM layout is also having its last showing before passing to new owners. The Em gauge 70’s http://www.emgauge70s site included  on the links, is well worth sitting down with a cup of tea and having a rummage through. Even if you’re not into D&E modelling there’s plenty there to be inspired by.

Come and see us at Manchester and say hello, there’s a new addition to the roster of a Dapol 22 in green. I’ve only done a little to it so far, but I think there’s quite a good little type 2 hiding behind some ‘interesting’ design features.


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