Rock ‘N’ Roll Star


Perhaps that genuine buzz looking at the who’s who of names from the history of our UK branch of the hobby engraved in the Visitors Cup, is a touch of what it feels like to be a rock and roll star! The layout won the Manchester Model Railway Societies Visitors Cup which was a real surprise, and thank you to all those whom voted for the layout. My toy train history follows on from my late father, and the MMRS show has always had a very high reputation for quality, deservedly so in my opinion. Receiving the cup was one of those occasions where you just wished Dad was still around.

We were privileged to have some very special visitors at the show

The Twins

The Twins

The Twins

The Twins

Two new releases ...

Two new releases …


I can report they ran beautifully, almost silently gliding across the trackwork, seeing them close up has sold one twin set at least! The real stars of the show though are the visitors who come through the door, we were frequently asked about many aspects of the layout, DC vs DCC & sound (we ran both, DC Sat/DCC Sun), the trees, the backscene and the display ‘concept’ including the height, seamless backscene and hidden fiddleyard. It was very pleasing to meet and answer the questions so thank you for taking the time and interest in the train set, it really does mean a lot!




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8 Responses to Rock ‘N’ Roll Star

  1. locoyard says:

    Reblogged this on Loco Yard and commented:
    Well done! A well deserved trophy for a fantastic model layout 🙂

  2. teigl says:

    Your layout richly deserves this trophy. Every time I visit the blog I come away inspired by something on the layout, or something you have written about it. My Dad used to take me to the MMRS show when it was held at the Corn Exchange… I still remember the excitement I felt when entering the hall. I wish I’d seen your layout in the flesh, frustrating as I almost managed to get to the show this year.
    The Dukedog looks fantastic!

    • bawdsey says:

      Thank you Iain. I used to get the same feeling at Central Hall or the Horticultural Halls later, there was a real sense of anticipation. If you’re coming to Warley it’ll be there, last public showing before its used for some R&D for the next one!

  3. teigl says:

    Just a thought…is there a list somewhere of previous winners of the cup…it would make interesting reading? A rarified company of stars, to be sure.

  4. Geoff says:

    Congratulations a well deserved trophy. Thanks for producing a cracking layout and for this inspirational blog. Any chance you could post some pictures of the fiddle yard please

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