The Canadians are coming!


Just a quick update, yesterday, after an interesting drive across the top the pennines,  through snow and snow showers, I and some other enthusiasts were treated to a presentation of the Canadian Company Rapido, Jason Shron was a very engaging and open presenter discussing the company, its Canadian prototype products and its hopes for the UK market and future. On one forum it took three pages before someone realised that the presentation wouldn’t involve releasing what’s coming to the UK market, so at least one enthusiast is on the ball. The UK market had better get its head round the Rapido production ethos. They make a number of product X, and that’s it. There’s no point saying I’ll wait to see what they are like and then buy one, if they make what you want, order it, like Nike says, ‘Just do it’. If you don’t order one you won’t get one. I’ve found that out to my cost with a Canadian product they do, its taken a while to find one, and its at, (sit down now and take a deep breath) full retail! Oh, and they have no intentions of being the cheapest in the market either, and for the quality they provide that’s exactly the right mindset for them and their customers. The Canadian market took a couple of releases to get this supply/demand chain into their mindset, I’m already on board, and if you want what they are going to make, place your orders as soon as possible.


I’ll return to this in a future blog post, one thing is for sure though and that’s they are already here, anyone with a sharp eye can already see the mark of the ‘True North‘ in a UK Product. One of the clues is out there …


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