this is why we fly

Another one of the occasional posts showing life from the other side of the door, I’m lucky I get to see this from time to time. This is an Instrument approach into Queenstown EN Zed. I must go there one day.


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  1. David Boyd says:

    Hi mate

    Thanks for the Queenstown video. I was there for the first time in February (although on a coach tour rather than flying) and I can confirm it is a very special place. And even though I have no interest in all the sports on offer. Arriving at our hotel I looked through the huge restaurant window giving a superb and panoramic view of the lake (coloured a lovely blue from sediment) which was awe-inspiring when to add to this an old lake steamer cruised into view leaving a trademark smoke trail. What a wonderful introduction.

    New Zealand is fab and like nowhere else. So get there sooner rather than later.

    Thanks also for the railway stuff!



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  2. I can’t comment for Queenstown, but having done the flight into Christchurch a couple of times, I can vouch for how wonderful it is flying over the south island NZ. Its like a goegraphy lesson!

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