Independence Day


Firstly to all my American readers, have a good Independence Day. I find it genuinely warming to see the way the US, and other countries for that matter, embraces and celebrates its history and culture. But what might independence day mean to a blogger? even of toy trains. Well one thing it gives is a platform to talk about subjects that are of interest to me on my terms. So what? Exactly, so what? Well it’s a very small corner of the interweb that’s for sure, but what is satisfying is that whatever I, and my fellow bloggers, (visit the blogroll on the rhs) write, clearly gives interest to other readers. We know that because you can see what we’ve written often quoted, or commented on elsewhere.

One of the recent gems I’ve read alludes to a friends blog, and boldly states that there’ve been no comments since April 2015. Except of course, there has. It is yet another shining example of ‘hive mind’, an inability to used the world wide web, sometimes known as ‘refreshing the page’, and clearly demonstrating a certain level of individual stupidity.
There could be a reason behind it of course, the individual lives in South East Lincolnshire where their definition for interweb is spelt ‘finger’.

So have a good day and don’t forget, ‘Vive la independence!’


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