Wordless Wednesday 3D printing (Coast Line Models)


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7 Responses to Wordless Wednesday 3D printing (Coast Line Models)

  1. I think we want the words to go with this one!

  2. Tonyt787 says:

    Looks like you got some free material to make lift gates out of too…

  3. Some nice detail there!!

  4. Chris Mears says:

    Neat to see the model straight out of the printer and the support structure used – I assume that’s what’s attached to the top of the wagon?


    • bawdsey says:

      Hi Chris, yup it’s the ‘sprue’ or fret in analogue speak! Comes off really easily and leaves little cleaning up. Will write a bit more in the early new year. Compliments of the season, and keep writing the good stuff at Prince Street! Brgds

      • Chris Mears says:

        Analogue for manufacturing – I love it.

        Though I’ve been fooling around with 3D printing my experience is with Shapeways so I only see the bits after they’ve been cleaned made somewhat presentable. I’d really like to see more photos and text on what exactly falls out of the 3D printer as compared to traditional methods.

        Take care. Merry Christmas


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