Driving home for Christmas

A couple of years back in the run up to christmas, and a hundred thousand or so less hits ago, Davide at thenightflier blog, kindly allowed me to link to his ‘Drivers’ view from the office  albionyard/skyward-head-in-the-clouds/.

It was a popular post, showing the views which today are really difficult to get for people not attached to the aviation industry. Davide has kindly allowed me to link another of his videos from the flight deck, so sit back and go full screen, heres four minutes of time worth wasting!


Here’s wishing all the blog readers a good Christmas, and thanks for ‘wasting’ some of your time here, I do appreciate it!


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1 Response to Driving home for Christmas

  1. neilsidea says:

    Thanks for that. We fly regularly Lourdes/Stansted but you get a better view up front! Merry Christmas and thanks for the words of wisdom throughout the year.

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